Navajo Indians Wins Homecoming Game Against Sayre Eagles

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Navajo Indians Wins Homecoming Game Against Sayre Eagles
By Eleanor Guinan

Homecoming is only fun if the home team wins. That was the thought going through the boys heads as they stepped onto the court. Not only did they want to win, they needed to win.
Winning started off as a challenge when Sayre got the ball and scored first, but one of the three stars of the first period, junior Kolten Hurst knocked in a two-pointer to tie. It wasn’t long afterwards when Hurst block the ball from Sayre which got knocked to senior Wyatt Weaver, another one of the stars in the first, who got fouled and receive free throws. Sophomore Airen Josefy wanted some action so he put in two layups to put Navajo ahead even more.
There was not any slowing down to for Hurst when he was the first to score in the second period with a three pointer. This was the period that the Indians ran with the lead, outscoring the Sayre Eagles fourteen to ten and putting in two threes and four two pointers and keeping Sayre from scoring any threes at all. The final score of the half was 29-20 Navajo.
Navajo was on fire in the first part of the third with Josefy putting in three, junior Holdyn Mandrell aggressively making his way to the goal for a lay up, and Hurst helping his team jump to a twelve point lead by knocking in a three-pointer. Senior Tristen Netherton even got into the action by putting three on the board. However, the last half of the third was no defense or offense and Sayre came within four points of the lead with 45-41 Indians score to finish the third period.
The fourth period was all homecoming king Parker Caskey. He fought for a rebound to give his team the ball, he scored a three- pointer, and he recovered the ball for Navajo. The Indians out scored their opponent fifteen to nine this period and made twelve out of sixteen this game. The final score was 60-50 Indians.
This game was the seniors last homecoming in high school so it’s east to say, they wanted it to be special and fun. And they did exactly that.