Navajo Lady Indians Barely Scrape by With 50-48 win over Sayre Lady Eagles Homecoming Night

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Navajo Lady Indians Barely Scrape by With 50-48 win over Sayre Lady Eagles Homecoming Night
By Eleanor Guinan

This was a special game for everyone. It was homecoming and the homecoming Parker Caskey and Emmy Cobb were just announced as homecoming king and queen. And the Lady Indians knew they had to keep this night special and win for all the fans that came to see them play.
The ball first ended up in Sayre’s hand and in their hoop. But it didn’t take long for newly crowned Emmy Cobb to tie up the score and that’s how it was for the first period- going from winning to tied to losing to tied again, with Navajo’s aggresive nature helping them fall too far behind the Lady Eagles. The first period was so tight that the end score was tied at 12-12 but the girls were not ready to keep it that way for long.
However, Sayre put up a fight when they broke the tie with two free throws but after tieing again senior Gracee Bates brought the Lady Indians ahead with a lay-up only for Sayre to tie it up again. When Bates fouled one of the Sayre players for them to receive two more free throws, Coach David Doss decided to put freshman Gracie Brooks in who tie the score with a two pointer. But at the end of the period, Navajo was down by one with a score of 24-23 Sayre.
The Lady Indians came out of the locker room determined to finish what they had started. That they did. Navajo was fierce this period with Bates putting in two and fellow senior Tabitha Armstrong sinking in three helping the team get a great lead. After Armstrong got a great steal, one of the Lady Eagles wanted to get revenge on Bates and pushed her into the mated wall under the hoop, no worries, after a little time Bates was back to playing like nothing happened and to get back at Sayre for hurting her friend, Cobb swished in a three pointer to close out the third period 38-32 Lady Indians.
Navajo was on a great track to win this homecoming game going into the fourth period, and to start that period, sophomore Gabby Kille did her best move, standing firm and putting her arms up, to get a charge called on her opponents. As the period went on, the Lady Eagles were slowly sneaking up the Lady Indians but with a few minutes left, a travel call on Sayre pumped our girls up but not enough for Sayre to stop scoring, getting within one point with thirty seconds left in the fourth. Then, Bates’ night got even better when she got two to finish the game with the final score 50-48 Navajo.
This game was one of the biggest nail biters the Lady Indians have had this season, which is rare because they are so good at what they do. But, you have to give our 16-3 girls some challenges, or they wouldn’t be any sports night drama.