Despite Early Turbulence Navajo Lady Indians Pick Up Another Win in 54-40 Win Against Duke Lady Tigers

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By Eleanor Guinan

Odd. Odd is the word to describe the Thursday night game against the Lady Duke Tigers. Why was it odd? Because our Lady Indians couldn’t score any points in the first half of the first period. If you’ve been to any of their games you know that is not right for our 17-3, number eight in their class Lady Indians to not score in the first half of the first.
The game started off normal with Navajo having the ball first, but soon after that something wasn’t right. Shoot and miss, shoot and miss was what our talented girls were doing until senior Emmy Cobb broke the funk they were in with a three pointer with four minutes into the first period and for the majority of the period Navajo was behind, until Cobb sparked up the offense landing them 13-8 score for the first.
The normality picked up a little in the second period, but there was not an epic move, nor any pep on the Lady Indians bench, like normal. However, seniors Tabitha Armstrong and Gracee Bates finally picked up some nice moves, with great steals and putting threes on the board to put the Lady Indians up 30-13 for the first half.
The third and fourth period were back to being off. It was a normal game, nothing like any of the other games the Lady Indians have played. Although, it seemed that their aggressiveness was more intense, you could see them wanting the ball and wanting to keep it for themselves the entire third period ( final score for that period was 47-24). In the fourth period, coach David Doss pulled the regular players to put in all the freshman ( Trinity Roher, Lilie Graham, Gracie Brooks) and the sophomores ( Reese Davis, Kelly Taylor and Rocio Quhui) for them to gain experience and to keep the Lady Indians on top. They succeeded helping Navajo get a W with the score 54-40.
In this odd game, the Lady Indians were consistent with their free throws shooting twelve out of sixteen and out scoring their opponent by at least five or more in all the periods except the fourth. This game may have been weird, but it was definitely interesting to watch.