Navajo Indians Lose Epic Battle With Duke Tigers 61-50 on Thursday Night

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By Eleanor Guinan

The boys that ran onto the court Thursday night, weren’t the boys we were used to seeing. They had the same bodies and faces and their attitudes were the same but more fierce it was like they weren’t thinking and just playing the game.
After Duke scored first, they knew they had to work hard in order not to get too far behind. They used teamwork, talent, and ambition in order to keep being within the lead. To help get the lead, junior Kolten Hurst tied it but only for Duke to pull ahead. Then senior Wyatt Weaver knocked the ball in to have Navajo in reach by one 13-12 at the end of the first period.
Every team member was chipping in to get the lead. Sophomores Airen Josefy and Mitchell Smith were blocking their opponents passes and getting the Indians right behind Duke’s tail. But the defense couldn’t help but let the Tigers score. Senior Tristan Netherton had a nice move when he tipped the ball to Josefy, and Josefy ended up getting a lay up for Navajo. Yet they couldn’t catch up to Duke with a half time score of 32-25 Tigers,
The boys knew they needed to step their game up. So it seemed that everyone on that court did something remarkable for Navajo. Junior Kolten Hurst blocked the ball back to Navajo’s side, senior Bubba Grimes put in three, Smith had a pro move that got the Indians an additional two points. All this paid off because Navajo was tied with Duke at the end of the third 43-43 and they were determined to win.
No matter how much the Indians wanted to win, fatigue eventually got to them in the fourth period, which was their worst period offensively. They were aggressive in the beginning with Smith giving Navajo three and junior Dallas Cox having a nice block but Duke overcame them with minutes to go in the fourth with the final score of 61-50 Duke.
The Navajo Indians should be proud of themselves that they worked so hard to keep up with Duke and even though they suffered a tough loss, they gave it their all and showed everyone they will not go down easy.