Navajo Indians Suffer Devastating Loss From Amber-Pocasset Panthers 58-32 to End Season

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By Eleanor Guinan

There was a hint that the boys we’ve seen the past few games were back. The energy felt like they were back and ,from the experience they had Friday night, you would think they were back. And maybe they were and just couldn’t meet up to the number ten in 2A class, 23-5 Amber-Pocasset Panthers. They tried with all they had and that is all that matters.
The game started out in the Indians favor when they got the ball first, but Am-Po’s defense was solid and their offense was on fire. It didn’t help that every time Navajo tried to score, the referees were calling fouls on the Indians when there was no one fouling. With minutes to go, sophomore Airen Josefy scored the Indians first points of the game ( ending period score 16-4), which got the Indians on a roll in the second quarter.
Junior Kolten Hurst picked up on Josefy’s scoring vibe putting in six points, which was the most points from any Indian this period. Navajos defense was starting to wake up yielding the Panthers to eleven points, one of the lowest points totals they scored in the game. The boys were fighting hard to keep the score close, hoping for a come back in the second half, with the ending score of the second period 27-11 Panthers.
Our Navajo Indians came out of the locker rooms with determination. The first score for Navajo at third period came from Hurst rebounding Amber-Pocassets ball which lead to Navajo scoring two more. Unfortunately, this is the period when it became a runaway for Am-Po. At the end of the third period, the score was 46-18 Amber-Pocasset.
The boys wanted to go out with a bang. So, even though the game was already decided, the boys tried to score as much as they could. Coach Kyle Miller took out most of his starters and put in sophomores Joseph Back and Shawn Beach and freshman Kaleb Gonzalez and Tucker Lambert along with some regular players senior Wyatt Weaver, junior Holdyn Mandrell, junior Dallas Cox, and sophomore Mitchell Smith. Smith did steal the ball and gave Navajo two more points and Beach scored two more at the end of the game to give the final score of 58-32 Panthers. Navajo scored eleven this period and held Am-Po to just ten.
Sadly, this was the last game of the season. Looking on the bright side, they made it further than they did last year landing themselves a District championship trophy. They are not done with sports, most of them have their first baseball game March 5th at Navajo. They made memories and worked hard to get them to the playoffs and to give them a good reputation.