Navajo Indians Win Legendary Battle With Walters Blue Devils to Win Districts 64-60 in Overtime

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By Eleanor Guinan

The Navajo Indians ran out onto the court Saturday night to finish a job. The job of winning Districts for the first time in a long time and to tell the community that they are the same hardworking team that got to play in Districts.
You could see the determination from the boys right when the whistle blew. They got the ball first and scored from junior Kolten Hurst dropping in two. And everyone followed suit. The boys were blocking, reflecting and stealing the ball from Walters to score more points. Senior Colby Grimes smacked the ball down from the Blue Devils and got Navajo two more points to finish the period score off with 17-11 Navajo.
It seems that all season long, seniors Tristan Netherton and Colby Grimes have scored points from this “back door” pass. Its when Netherton gives the ball to Grimes, and Grimes puts it in for a for two points. It would only make sense if they continue to do that play in Districts, and that’s exactly what they did. After that classic play, senior Wyatt Weaver faked out a Blue Devil to score another two points to help get Navajo to a 28-22 lead. These boys were scoring machines. They scored eleven points in this period, but so did Walters. This was the first sign that this game was going to be epic.
The boys started off the period with back to back to back threes over Walters. And the hero of the period, sophomore Airen Josefy, was rebounding both Walters and Navajo shots to help get the Indians more points. The intensity of the game increased dramatically in this period because Walters was creeping up on Navajo with a vengeance but our boys were not about to give up what they worked hard for, it was not an option. The final score was 39-33 Indians.
Fatigue was showing in the boys during the period, the lead was slipping through their fingers, the refs were calling everything on them. It seemed that the universe was saying no to them. But they were saying yes. It was back and forth scoring, Weaver would score a three, the Blue Devils would score three. Navajo would get free throws, Walters would get free throws. Until the end of the period, when it was tied and going into over time.
Navajo wanted this so bad that you could see it. Navajo and Walters were tied when Netherton scored two with thirty seconds to go. Then with just ten seconds left on the clock, Walters fouled Josefy, and Josefy made both free throws to finish the games score 64-60 Navajo. They did it. They won.
The gym was ecstatic when the buzzer sounded. No one could believe that just happened. Our boys fought all the odds, all the bad things that was thrown at them to become District champions.

The Navajo Indians claiming their trophy Our Indians with the Districts trophy