Navajo Lady Indians Become Regional Champions with Win Over Hollis Lady Tigers 53-31

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By Eleanor Guinan

They knew this game could go either way. Yes they have won against the Lady Hollis Tiger before, but it’s a new day and a new atmosphere-it’s the Regionals atmosphere. No matter which way this game went, the Navajo Lady Indians would give 110% on the court.
Our ladies got the ball first, but were struggling to get the a basket. They were rebounding countless times until finally junior Kalee Cross received free throws and put in one of the two to put Navajo on the board. The crazy thing is, the Lady Indians were getting all their points from free throws until senior Emmy Cobb tossed in a three pointer giving Navajo a score of 10-3 in the first period. The energy in the gym that night was palpable. Coach David Doss had to raise his voice just to talk to his players because the fans were so loud. This was a sign for the exciting game that was to come.
The intensity from the players didn’t subside from the first period to the second. When fighting for the ball, Cross simply flipped the ball into to the air and got it into the basket for two points. If it was even possible, the energy in the gym was even greater than during the first period, pumping the girls up. Responding from the energy, sophomore Gabby Kille rebounded the ball and got Navajo two more, and shortly after that Cobb stole the ball from the Lady Tigers and threw it to senior Tabitha Armstrong for another two more for the end of the period score of 23-10 Lady Indians.
If the Lady Indians didn’t out play the Hollis Lady Tigers in the first half, they did in the second. They ran out of the locker room to get two things: get the fan section pumped up and win this game. With that in her head, Cross shot in a three pointer and fired up the offense. The Lady Indians scored nineteen points in this period, freshman Gracie Brooks putting in two of those seventeen points. And with the end of the period nearing, the girls put up some serious teamwork to put in two more, making nineteen for the third period and putting the score to 42-19 Navajo.
Still, so much energy was resonating from the gym, and the defense was so tight on both sides, making the game more exciting. Half way through the fourth period, Coach Doss decided to slowly pull out the starters to put in the “lug nuts” as they call themselves: sophomores Reese Davis, Kelly Taylor, Angela Nicholas, and Rocio Quihui and freshman Lilie Graham and Trinity Roher who held the win down for the Lady Indians. The final score of the game was 53-31 Lady Indians.
This is the farthest the Lady Indians have gone lately. They haven’t gone to area in two years and state in fifteen so this could be history in the making. The next challenger our girls face is number one ranked, undefeated, Christian Heritage Academy on Friday March, 2. They know it’s going to be hard to get to state, but they can do it. We all believe.