Navajo Lady Indians Zip by the Cordell Lady Blue Devils with 47-39 Win on Their Homecoming Night

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By Eleanor Guinan

The Lady Indians seemed determined as they were pulling into Cordell High School. Cordell chose them to play for their homecoming game, which was almost an insult to them, because they thought the Lady Indians were going to be easy to beat. That was a mistake on Cordells part, because our girls are never easy to beat.
After the crowning ceremony was over and they were pumped up, the Lady Indians showed the Lady Blue Devils just how hard it will be to win. Navajo got the ball first and within seconds senior Emmy Cobb opened up scoring with a three pointer. After good defense, yielding Cordell to only one three pointer, Cobb stole the ball away, tossed it to fellow senior Gracee Bates for a lay up, helping Navajo to an early lead of 12-8 Indians.
The second period was steal after steal. It seemed like Cordell was wanting Navajo to win. Within a few minutes of the second period, a steal landed Cobb two points, but she wasn’t alone. Senior Tabitha Armstrong stole the ball to help Bates get two as well. But as the period rolled on, the Lady Blue Devils got cleaned up and were coming for Navajo’s lead with a three point trail as the final score of the half was 21-19 Navajo.
Their stealing strategy was back in this period but that’s all the did, steal. They didn’t do anything with the ball which was not normal for our girls and was telling Cordell they have may been right about them. However, towards the end of the third Navajo was getting their hefy lead back with Cobb getting two from Bates successful steal. The score was 33-24 Indians for that period.
Our girls were ready to finish this intense game with a win. Junior Kalee Cross got back to back threes in for Navajo and guide them up to a twelve point lead. But the defense suddenly got so good for Cordell and Cobb was in a rare funk, that it stayed a twelve point lead for rest of the game, the ending score was 47-39 Indians.
Their determination and fiery passion yet again led the Lady Indians to a solid win, and let the Cordell Lady Devils not to pick them for homecoming again. This was a great game and as one of the last games this season, it was a special game as well.